Golden Opportunity for Writers!

Cisrt launches a golden opportunity for writers. Now, you can write guest posts for our site to build a brilliant career. We offer this opportunity for both professionals and enthusiasts. However, we only accept high-quality and informative posts.

Go through the following questions and guidelines before writing:

Q: Do you publish the guest posts without any fee?

A: No, unfortunately, you will pay a little fee. It’s because reviewing and publishing is a time-consuming process and we have to go through every article to check the quality.

Q: How long should be one post?

A: The length of an average article should be around 700 – 1000 words.

Q: Where can I submit my articles?

A: Email us at stevencherry90@gmail.com

Q: What are the main niches to write content for this site?

A: The site is all about technology. You can write about the latest technology, errors in Windows, the latest OS, Android games, Applications, and many other things.

Q: What type of posts you don’t accept?

A: We don’t accept adult, political, and illegal niches content. Also, we don’t the posts that raise hatred and extremism.

If you are ready to get admiration from readers around the world, be read and write to us at stevencherry90@gmail.com

Benefits of Writing on Cisrt

  • Cisrt has thousands of regular visitors who will read your posts and you get admiration and appreciation from them.
  • If you write high-quality guest posts regularly, we provide you a “DoFollow” backlink for your own site.
  • Not only common visitors, but lots of bloggers also visit our site and you get new clients by writing guest posts for Cisrt.

Even more, well-researched guest posts bring global recognition.

Precautions for Writing Guest Posts

We encourage new talent along with professionals, but the low-quality/copied content is rejected.

The post should be free from the links of spammy/fishy sites. contains the links from spammy/fishy sites.

We don’t publish the content if it has grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Avoid building spammy links to your posts. Otherwise, we will remove them without any notice.

How to Write a Guest Post [Guidelines]

Use Headings: Divide post into multiple paragraphs and add headings for each paragraph. Make sure; you use relevant headings for the content according to the subject matter.

Sub Divide: Don’t add lengthy paragraphs. The maximum length of a paragraph should be around 250 – 300 words. Write short and precise sentences because long sentences affect the readability of the post.

Min 1000 Words: Keep the length of the post around 700 – 1000 words. Don’t add merely words in the post. Include authentic and useful information according to the subject matter. Don’t stray from the topic.

Description/Introduction: Include a catchy introduction in the beginning of the article. Do proper research before writing and make it interesting for readers. Add facts and useful information to it.

Final Paragraph: The final verdict is very important. Add a final conclusion at the end of the article and provide the authentic facts.

Images: Add at least 2 images to the post. Select copyright-free images and also mention the source links of the images. The images must be relevant to the post. Don’t add irrelevant images.

So, write guest posts for Cisrt to fly on a new horizon of success and fame.