Microsoft released Windows XP in October 2001 in different variants. Windows Home was released for home users, Pro for professionals and Tablet PC Edition for netbooks. Windows XP Vienna Edition is also one of them. The basic features are the same in all editions, but it has some special features.

Although Microsoft has stopped releasing updates for Win XP, some users still use it for fun or research work.

Download Windows XP Vienna Edition


Download Requirements

  • Pentium III processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 5GB hard disk space
  • Super VGA (800 x 600) display

Methods to Create Windows XP Vienna Edition Bootable USB (Installation Guide)

First, we will create a bootable USB flash drive by using Windows XP ISO. Then we will move to the installation guide. Here, I am using three quick methods for this purpose. You can select the one that’s convenient for you.

Method # 1: Use Easy USB Creator 2.3.1

It’s a simple and easy third-party tool. But it doesn’t work without “.NET Framework 2.0.” Download the Framework from Microsoft’s official site. Follow the instructions here to start this method.

  1. Connect a USB flash drive with the PC.
  2. Download the ISO file of Windows XP Vienna Edition from the above section.
  3. Click here to download Easy USB Creator 2.3.1.
  4. Double-click the “.exe file” to install it.
  5. Open the tool.
  6. It shows a sign like “…” this with ISO file option. Select this sign to add the path of Windows XP ISO file.
  7. Here, click the option “Destination Drive.”
  8. Select a drive where you want to save the “executable file” and click “Start.”
  9. The tool starts converting the ISO image into a bootable file.
  10. Within a few seconds, your bootable flash drive is ready.

Method # 2: Bootable USB/DVD of Zipped Windows XP ISO

(Some users download Windows XP ISO file in a zipped folder. If it is so, use 7-Zip Extractor to extract zipped files.

  1. Download the ISO file. Once it is downloaded, double-click the ISO image to extract files.
  2. Now, burn them into a bootable Windows XP ISO DVD/USB flash drive by using the above tool.
  3. Your bootable DVD/USB flash drive is ready now. You can use it to install Windows XP on your desired system.
  4. Move to the installation guide.

Method # 3: Bootable USB/DVD via USB Creator 2.0

Some users don’t like using a third-party tool due to security reasons. For them, this method is preferable. Here, you download “USB Creator 2.0” tool from Microsoft’s official site. It’s recommended by Microsoft to create a bootable USB/DVD for Windows XP.

Follow the steps here now.

  1. Connect the USB to your PC.
  2. Download the ISO file from the above section.
  3. Select USB/DVD to save the ISO image.
  4. Now, open the tool “USB Creator 2.0” and select “Browse” to locate the ISO file.
  5. Below this option, there is “Destination Drive.”
  6. Select the USB drive from here.
  7. Now click the “Create USB” option at the bottom of the tool. It will start converting the ISO image into the Bootable USB.

Method # 4: Use Command Prompt

If you don’t want to use any tool, use Command Prompt to create a bootable USB/DVD.

  1. Open “Command Prompt.”
  2. Type “diskpart” here to launch diskpart utility.
  3. Now, type “list vol” and press Enter key.
  4. Type “set vol 1” (You can type here your desired number like 1, 2 or 3, etc.)
  5. Here, type another command “active.”
  6. Now, write here “exit” to exit the tool.
  7. Now copy the Windows XP files to flash drive and run “setup.exe” file.

Installation Guide

First, Enter into BIOS to “Enable” the option “Installation from USB.” (If you are installing from DVD, enable “Installation from DVD”)

Follow these steps to start the process.

  1. Reboot the system and keep press “Del” to enter BIOS. (If your system is showing any other key, like F1, F2 or F10, press it.
  2. Select “Advanced BIOS settings” by using Up/Down or Right/Left arrow keys.
  3. Press “USB as the primary boot device” and “F10” to exit BIOS.
  4. Attach the bootable USB to the PC and restart it.
  5. First, select the PC version. Mostly it is 32-bit.
  6. Select “Install from USB” and click “Next” from there.
  7. The system starts copying files from the USB drive.
  8. Assign a specific volume to every partition and create the desired number of partitions.
  9. Select a partition where you want to save Windows XP Vienna Edition.
  10. It starts collecting information.
  11. Now, it’s installing Dynamic Updates.
  12. After updates, the system prepares for and finalizes the installation.
  13. Wait until the installation process gets over. It may take about 40 minutes.
  14. Don’t interrupt the installation process by pressing any key. The PC restarts several times in between.
  15. Now set the time and date according to the geographical location.
  16. Enjoy using Windows XP Vienna Edition.

Windows XP Vienna Edition Features

XP Vienna has Encrypted File System to encrypt files on an NTFS partition. Microsoft has included this feature, particularly for mobile machines.

  1. It has stable performance and attractive wallpapers and themes for desktop.
  2. It supports IntelliMirror. IntelliMirror feature includes Microsoft Remote Installation Services, user setting management and software deployment.
  3. It has a modern and sleek design.
  4. Upgraded security makes your system secure against threats.
  5. Win2K backup program brings a quick backup option for important data.
  6. Windows XP Vienna Edition supports dynamic disks.
  7. Remote Assistance ensures remote access of PC to troubleshoot errors and problems.
  8. Now, you can access important files from Home PC remotely by using the Terminal Services Session.
  9. It supports the programs of Windows 98 and Windows Me programs.


Can I install this edition in a tablet?
No, it doesn’t support small tablets and netbooks.
Is Windows XP still used?
Yes, about 7% of users still use it around the world. It may be for some research work or for fun.
Can I install Windows XP Vienna Edition in multiple systems by using one bootable USB?
No, you can’t. One copy of this OS is only for one user.
Can I use Windows XP Vienna Edition now?
Yes, you can use it on your own responsibility. Microsoft doesn’t release its updates. So, it’s a risk for your data to use this OS now. Advanced viruses can attack your data.
May I get a copy of Windows XP from Microsoft?
Yes you can buy it but Microsoft doesn’t release security updates for it now.
Can I play DOS games on Windows XP Vienna Edition?
Yes, but it supports only the old DOS games. You can’t play new DOS games on it.