OK Google is an integral feature of Android OS. You can launch this service to get directions, create reminder, reply email, and search online. This useful service brings lots of entertainment for you. You can play your favorite songs, watch movies, images, set alarm, open calendar and open email account with OK Google. Just give a voice command and OK Google will follow it instantly.

How to Activate OK Google?

  • Go to your Android’s App drawer.
  • Open “Google” from here.
  • On the top right corner you will see the Hamburger menu like three vertical dots. Tap this option.

Hamburger menu

  • Open “Settings” from here.
  • Now, tap “Voice.”
  • You will see “OK Google” option here. Tap “Voice Match” under this category.
  • Tap to enable the option “Access with Voice Match.”
  • Open “Google” and say “OK Google” to start a voice search.

Solutions to Fix “OK Google not working” problem

It may be due to various reasons if your “OK Google” isn’t working. I am adding here catchy solutions for your problems. Follow them and fix this issue.

Solution # 1: Clear Cache

Get a fresh start with OK Google. You can do it by clearing cache. For this, follow the steps below.

  • Open “Settings” on your phone.

Settings icon in Android Phone

  • Select “Apps” from here.

Apps & Notifications Category

  • Tap “Google” here.

Google app

  • Now select “Storage” and “Clear Cache” to remove cache from your phone.

Clear Cache in Google App

  • Now, restart your phone and try OK Google/Okay Google/Hey Google again.

Solution # 2: Re-install Google

If you are still facing this problem, re-install Google to resolve this issue. It’s very simple.

  • Open “Play Store” and search Google there.
  • Open “Google” app once it appears in the search results.
  • Now, select “Uninstall” button from here.
  • Restart your device and open “Play Store” again.
  • Search “Google” here and open it once it appears in search results.
  • Now, tap “Install” to re-install it.
  • Open Google and use voice command feature.

Solution # 3: Retrain Voice Model

Sometimes, Google Assistant doesn’t recognize your voice accurately. Maybe you didn’t have trained your voice commands appropriately. Google doesn’t work if it doesn’t recognize your voice model. So, retrain it by using the steps below.

  • Open “Google Assistant”
  • Tap the three-dot menu here.

Hamburger menu

  • Select “Settings” from here.

Settings Option

  • Open the “Assistant” tab and select “Assistant devices” from this category.
  • Now, tap your device and select “Voice Model.”
  • Tap “Retrain voice model” category to retrain your voice.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to match your voice.
  • Restart your phone and enjoy using OK Google.

Solution # 4: Check Language

Check language settings if the above tips don’t work. Sometimes, you select another language than English and OK Google stops working. Make sure; you are using accurate language.

  • Open “Google” app
  • Select the “three-dot” icon on the top right corner.
  • Click “Settings” here.
  • Open the “Languages” category.
  • Now check the language selection here. Select the recommended language for your region.

Solution # 5: Check Mic

Maybe your Mic isn’t working properly. To check your phone’s Mic, open voice recorder in your phone and record your voice. Now listen to the recording to check whether it delivers the same quality of sound or not.

If there is a problem with the mic, it won’t deliver the same voice. Get it repaired it is so.

Solution# 6: Turn Off Background Noise

If you are trying OK Google in an open area, it may not work due to the background noise. Try it to a quieter area or turn off background noise.

  • Open the “Phone” app.
  •  Select “Call Settings” from here.
  • Tap “Call” and select “Disable Background Noise.”


How to take a selfie with OK Google?
Activate OK Google and command “Take a selfie” to it.
Can “OK Google” set an alarm on my voice command?
Yes, you can set an alarm with “OK Google.” Activate it and command “Set an alarm for [time]” If you want to set an alarm for 9:30 AM, say “Set an alarm for 9:30 AM.”
How can I use the “OK Google” service in Android?
Open Google from the app drawer. Tap the “3-line Hamburger menu” from here. Open “Settings.” Select “Voice” and tap “OK Google Detection.”
Can I use OK Google for sports info?
Yes, you can use it.