Discord is a renowned platform for online gamers. While playing an online game, you can communicate with your friends and other gamers. You can chat/voice chat with teammates during games. Before Discord, Ventrilo and Teamspeak were used to communicate among players. But Discord has more attractive features. It supports D&D games and VoIP for faster and uninterrupted communication. That’s why; it has become the first preference of the players.

Furthermore, you can customize it according to your choice. Discord has an easy and simple user-interface. It’s a free online service for players.

Why to Add BOTS to Discord?

BOT is a tool that runs pre-set instructions automatically. Once you set instructions, it can perform the repetitive tasks swiftly than a human being. The performance rate is incredibly higher. That’s why; you can perform lots of tasks on Discord by adding a relevant BOT. You can personalize messages for new visitors to your server. Furthermore, it’s a customizable tool and the commands can be edited for a particular group of users.

How to Add BOTS to Discord Server?

Adding BOTS to your Discord server is a very simple process. Make sure, you have the “Manage Server” authority. If you don’t have, you can’t add BOTS to your Discord server.

  • Select the BOTS you want to add. Search in Google to select the best ones.
  • Now, login to your Discord account.
  • In the left pane of your account, you see “Permissions.” Select this option.
  • Enable the “Manage Server” option from the next window. If it doesn’t appear, you can’t add BOT.
  • Go to the site where you have selected a BOT and click “Add BOT to Server” option here.
  • (Use this direction if you are adding BOT from other sites. If you are adding from Discord, select “Invite” option from there.
  • In the next step, click “Select a Server” and select your server from a drop-down list here.
  • Now, click “Authorize” to add BOT to your Discord server.
  • Within a few seconds, you will see your desired BOT in the sidebar of the server.
  • Select multiple activities you want the BOT to perform for you. In this context, you can select “read, send, manage messages and attach files, etc.
  • Select “Authorize” to apply the changes.

That’s it, guys! BOT will start working for all relevant tasks. You can add multiple BOTS to enhance the functionality of your Discord server.


Can I add BOTS to Discord server by using iOS devices?
Yes, you can do it. Open Discord BOTS website in Safari. View BOTS and select “Invite” option. Login to your Discord account. Select a server where you want to add BOT. Select “Authorize” button to complete the process.
I am unable to invite BOTS to my discord server. Why?
If you don’t have Administrative permission or “Manage Server” option, you can’t invite BOTS to your Discord server.
How to check “Administrative” permissions on the Discord server?
Select the server. On the right side, click the server’s name and select “Server Settings.” If you don’t see “Server Settings” here, it means you don’t have Administrative permission.
Does a BOT behave like a human being?
No, BOTS are automatic pre-installed programs to perform repetitive work smoothly. Their performance rate is incredibly higher than a human being.
Can I use a chatbot for research?
No, a chatbot has zero research skills.