XCOM 2 is an immensely popular turn-based game where you move ahead using strategies and techniques. When the game starts, you assume the role of commander training soldiers for unlimited combats. A plane drops you and your soldiers into the battle zone where you keep attacking the enemies. You move ahead while coordinating with your soldiers. The map contains isometric battlefields and you have been assigned a task to defeat the aliens. The game brings lots of fun and intense brain exercise. Well, It’s difficult to cover the difficulties you encounter in XCOM 2. Thankfully, some handy mods are here to help you to move ahead successfully. There are thousands of XCOM 2 mods, but I have selected the best ones. Check the list below.

1. Weapons Overhaul

weapons Overhaul mod

It makes all weapons unique and useful. When you apply this mod all your weapons become well-balanced and transformed into modern arms. It works well with Armor Stats. You can replace HP with Shield by using it. The wound time is also reduced due to it.

2. Shotguns Flank Crit Bonus

Shotguns mod for XCOM 2

This mod works well with all types of shotguns whether original or modded. It makes them unique and more useful. You can hit your enemies with a shotgun more accurately by applying this mod.

3. Cannon Deploy Ability

Cannon Deploy ability mod for XCOM 2

It makes your cannons and LMGs more functional. Deploy is a passive ability that allows you to auto-trigger cannons when you aren’t moving the previous turn. When you move, the Deployability is lost. This mod makes your cannons more suited and flexible without squad sight and massive range.

4. Stop Wasting My Time

Stop wasting my time XCOM 2 mod

When you start playing the game, you can’t enjoy the combats due to the slower moves. There are pointless pauses and other time-wasting turns in the game. It removes all of them and speeds up your game. You can use it to change the maps, combats and to remove the useless pauses in the game.

5. Strip Old Weapons

Strip old weapons mod for XCOM 2

Now, all weapons are available for you. When you start the game, only limited weapons are available for combats. You can get all custom and modern weapons by applying this mod.

6. Free Camera Rotation

Free Camera Rotation mod for XCOM 2

Now rotate your camera while moving ahead. It enhances the rotation of the camera by 45 degrees. You can rotate the camera by pressing the keys Q and E. It also allows you to rotate the camera by using Mouse (Press Alt while using the mouse for rotation of camera).

7. New Countries

New countries mod for XCOM 2

This mod lets you add new countries to your map. You can change the basic map to add more adventure and thrill to the game. Now, choose your favorite countries and enhance the regions to face new challenges. Go farthest in the game and enjoy conquering new countries.

8. Stabilize Me

Stabilize me mod for XCOM 2

It allows you to stabilize other soldiers. Now, you can stabilize the wounded and injured soldiers by using their own medikit. It will make them fully recovered and healthy again.

9. Ultimate Cheat Mod

Ultimate cheat mod for XCOM 2

It’s an interesting mod and you can have lots of fun by applying it to your game. You control the game more accurately. It brings some interesting tricks and features like stopping the advent clock, roaming around freely among aliens and many more.

10. Add New Heroes

Add New Heroes

This mod allows you to add a variety of new heroes in the game. You can develop new soldiers for your game. Train your soldiers and bring them to the battlefield to fight with aliens.

11. Accurate Ranger Swords

Accurate Range swords for XCOM 2

This mod brings an accurate range of swords. You can hit the enemies with the more accurate movement of the sword. It allows you to use the sword with more power. Check the range and make the sword usage perfect. Hit the aliens with a sword more perfectly now.

12. Armor Utility Slot

Armor Utility Slot for XCOM 2

This handy mod brings a slot of the utility items. Now, you can use grenades and other armors in more quantity. Remember that it doesn’t add any additional utility slot to Kevlar. It’s only for the standard mod of the game.