While playing a game, the use of a voice changer brings a novel experience. Some players love using it for fun and some use it for security reasons. Voice changer app converts your voice into a robot’s, girl or a kid’s. It’s safe to install if it doesn’t collect your personal data like a gallery, videos, messages and other data. Give permission to change voice only.

Best Voice Changers for Discord

1. Voxal

Voxal Voice Changer

You can use it for online games, Discord and video editing. It loads and saves the effect chains instantly. The vocal effects library includes voices like robot, girl, boy, alien, echo and many more. It has easy and intuitive user-interface. You can check the effects live. It’s compatible with Rainbow Six Siege, Skype, Steam games, TeamSpeak, CSGO and many more apps.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Web

Price: $29.99 (Free trial)


2. Clownfish


This voice changer has lots of voice effects like Alien, boy, robot, baby, silence, helium, radio, mutation, clone, fast mutation and many more. Change your voice in Skype, Steam, Viber, Ekiga, Jitsi, TeamSpeak and other apps. The built-in music player supports various media formats. A sound player has built-in sounds and management.

Supported Platform: Windows, Android, Web

Price: Free


3. MorphVox Jr

morphvox jr voice changer

This voice changer works on the basis of AI and changes your voice to match your personality. It has various voice modes like little folk, woman, man, alien and many others. You can use built-in voices and create some more effects to make your sound unique according to the game. It has been designed particularly for online games. The app is available in two versions. MorphVox Jr is free whereas; Pro is a paid version.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, Web

Price: Free


4. Voicemod

Voice Mod voice changer

Voicemod is a real-time voice changer for MMORPGs and MMOs. You can use this high-quality voice changer with Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Skype, VRChat and many other apps. It’s best for Halloween and April Fool’s pranks. Currently, it’s available for Windows. Soon, it will be available for Mac and Linux. It integrates with Streamlabs OBS and Stream Deck. It’s perfect for games and chatting. The built-in voice library includes a variety of voices like Cave, Baby, Happy Birthday, Bot, Boy, Girl, Santa and many others.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Price: Free


5. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer for Windows

Take full control over your voice and change it in a way you like. You can morph, record, edit and mix any other voice to it. It allows you to modify an existing audio file in real-time and in waveform editing. You can use it on Skype, Twitch, Discord and other apps.

Supported Platform: Windows

Price: $99.95 (Free Trial)



Is it legal to use a voice changer on Discord?
Yes, it’s legal and allowed by Discord administration.
How can I change my voice on discord?
Open voice changer. Go to the “User Information” category and open “App Settings.” Select “Voice and Video” from here and activate “voice changer.”
Is Voicemod a good voice changer?
Yes, it’s free and doesn’t collect your personal data. That’s why; it’s safe to use.
Can I use a voice changer in MMORPGs?
Yes, it’s legal to use voice changer in MMORPGs for fun or for security reasons.