Tumblr is popular for free blogging. This social platform allows you to share your skills and talent to the world free of cost. This micro-blogging network was launched by David Karp in 2007. Now, Yahoo has owned it. According to the statistics, around 555 million people visit it every month. That’s why; it’s the best option for businessmen to promote their products on Tumblr.

Why Tumblr for Blog Posting?

The dashboard is very simple and easy-to-use for a newbie. It has all basic and modern blog-posting tools. Users can comment, re-blog and like their favourite posts. It allows them to edit a post, upload images, video quotes and other tasks with a one-click action.

Users can share their blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Tumblr supports HTML editing, Tags and Queue.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

1. Blogger

Blogger, alternative of Tumblr

Blogger is another best alternative to Tumblr. It’s owned by Google. You will experience an extremely easy post-editing here. It has a web-based post editor and is an ideal option for people who want to earn through blogging. You can add up to 100 posts in a blog.

Blogger brings detailed stats of visitors for you on a weekly and monthly basis. Furthermore, it allows you to see the page-views by visitors on a monthly basis. It’s full integration with Google’s AdSense program. Currently, Google has updated its user-interface. Blogger supports multi-user function. However, it requires a formal permission from Google. You can post via comments and email.


2. WordPress

WordPress, Alternative of Tumblr

This is the best alternative to Tumblr. You can create a free blog at WordPress. It has a paid and free variant and both of them work with CMS (Content Management System). It’s fully customizable. You can change themes and other handy plug-ins to enhance the productivity of your blog. It supports multi-user, SEO, tagging and sharing post on social networks.

The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it perfect for a newbie. It’s also suitable for the firms who want to promote their products via blogging. Furthermore, it’s the best option for people to earn through blogging.


3. Ghost

Ghost, alternative of Tumblr

Ghost is a free blogging platform owned by a non-profit organization. It’s ideal for businessmen to promote their products. It’s also the best option for people who want to accelerate the world with innovative ideas. It has all basic and professional publishing tools. This platform is available in two variants: a web server hosted package and self-hosted. Both of them are available in $5 and $19 simultaneously.

Ghost has all editing and formatting tools like markdown embed video or image and many others. You can schedule content to publish later. It has completely optimized distribution channels like Search Engine Optimization, etc. It supports Accelerated Mobile Pages to accelerate ranking of your blog.


4. Soup

Soup. alternatives of tumblr

It’s a good alternative for Tumblr. This blogging platform brings categorized content such as TV shows, animals, hair products, etc. You can join the relevant group and start blogging your desired products. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. However, it doesn’t have professional tools. It’s simple and features with only basic blogging tools.


5. Medium

Medium, alternative of Tumblr

The medium was developed by Evan Williams, ex-co-founder of Twitter and Blogger. He used WYSIWYG format to give a very simple user interface to users at Medium. It has all basic and professional formatting, editing and publishing tools. You can use Facebook login details or your Gmail ID to start blogging here. It’s available on the web. However, Android and iPhone users can also download Medium app to create posts via iOS and Android devices.

The medium allows you to share posts on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It doesn’t support monetization. It doesn’t have advanced customization tools.