Reddit is a free site where you can share text posts, images, videos and direct links of weird information to keep readers amused. It’s the biggest online community that claims to be “The Front Page of the Internet.” You can join it for free to get information and to enjoy interesting facts. The front page of Reddit is highly customizable for all users. You can choose the categories you want to see whenever you log in to it.


There are thousands of SubReddits. SubReddits are pages where you get some particular information regarding an individual topic. Everything from Everyday Science to parapsychology and from General Knowledge to food recipe is here. Select your favorite subreddits and start getting information about that particular topic. You can share your favorite subreddits with others to keep them updated if someone has the similar interests.

Best Subreddits to Visit

Here are the top 20 best subreddits for users. All of them share amusing realities, fun, entertainment, and knowledge you could never have earlier. Enjoy all of them and keep posting and browsing here to have more fun.

1. AskReddit

It’s one of the most popular subreddits. This subreddit has various categories like Ask Science, Ask Engineering, etc. You can join it if you want to ask a question.


  • Make sure that your question is clear and direct.
  • It should not be a request for personal/professional advice.
  • The community accepts only open-ended questions.
  • It should not include personal info.
  • Don’t provide an irrelevant reply to any question.
  • No donation requests, no begging for services/goods or rewards.
  • Be respectful to other members.
  • Don’t use an image in reply.
  • Provide serious comments on a relevant topic.
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2. Today I Learned

This subreddit brings the latest updates regarding interesting facts from all over the world. It’s updated on a daily basis. However, it doesn’t contain all the serious information. You will find here some light-hearted posts too. It’s the best platform to share and get interesting knowledge.


  • Share only true and verifiable information.
  • It should not contain personal opinions/subjective ideas.
  • The post should not contain misleading claims.
  • It should be too general.
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3. Futurology

If you love to read about technology, it’s for you. It’s the biggest subreddit regarding the latest technology. You can read here about gene therapy, bio-hacking, space travel, trans-humanism and thousands of other technologies. Check and enjoy to be updated.


  • Be respectful to other users.
  • Focus only on the future while sharing posts here.
  • Don’t post petitions, polls, and fundraising.
  • Post only future facts.
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 4. Hold My Beer

Have you ever faced unexplainable paranormal situations? This subreddit is the best time killer if you love paranormal stories. Read here and also share your unbelievable stories with others.


  • Don’t repost any story posted by other sites.
  • Don’t include death/injuries to animals in the post.
  • Post a real and verifiable incident.
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5. NonononoYes

This interesting subreddit brings the memorable moments of your life when things went wrong. It may be a disaster that occurred at the eleventh hour. It can be a narrow escape from an accident, miraculous recovery from athletes and an animal escaping from the hunter. You can share any exciting moment from your life in this subreddit.


  • The image/video should not contain death/gore.
  • Use good taste to post videos.
  • Don’t repost from other sites.
  • Tag it as “nonononoyes.”
  • Don’t compile it for monetization.
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6. Aww

If you love reading about interesting and sudden incidents, join Aww. It brings very interesting and thrilling stories/images and videos for members. Most of the posts are about animals and their abrupt interesting actions. If ever your pet dog getting afraid of cats, or busy eating your favorite food, share it.


  • Don’t include sad content.
  • The picture/video should be caption-free.
  • It should not be a harassing video for others.
  • No NSFW content.
  • Don’t repost from other sites.
  • You can’t use BOTs.
  • Don’t add comments for upvote or approval.
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7. NatureISFuckingLit

Do you love nature, sunrise, mountains, sunset, rain and other elements? This subreddit brings the awe-inspiring and impressive footages of nature. You can find the planet earth’s best visuals here.


  • Share high-energy content.
  • Start the title of the post with “nature” emoji.
  • Make sure, you are sharing about nature only.
  • Don’t repost from other sites.
  • You can’t share NSFW posts.
  • Don’t post a topic of human conceit.
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8. Reverse Animal Rescue

It’s a kind of fun for you and family. Do you have a video of rescuing pets or other animals? Share it here with the rest of the world. It’s a good deed to rescue animals and share this good deed with other people.


  • Don’t post funny stuff.
  • The post should be serious and verifiable.
  • It should not include animal abuse.
  • Make sure that you post a GIF.
  • Be civil while posting.
  • Don’t repost from Reddit’s previous posts.
  • Use the NSFW tag if it’s unavoidable.
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9. DIY

DIY is a perfect subreddit for those who want to utilize their skills to create things. It helps build anything by yourself. Share your Do-it-Yourself experiences and check unusual experiences from other people to make life easier.


  • Post only finished projects.
  • Don’t post irrelevant questions.
  • Do your research.
  • Don’t share prohibited projects.
  • Post original content and documentation.
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10. FacePalm

Have you ever read dumb posts on Twitter? It’s a breeding ground for funny and weird content that makes you facepalm. This subreddit brings all those dumb posts in one place. It’s a good place to read funny content and laugh out loudly.


  • Don’t include your personal information to the post.
  • Share only obvious jokes and satires.
  • Don’t repost from Reddit.
  • Post content without memes.
  • Check grammar/spelling mistakes before sharing content.
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11. Gaming

Do you love video games? It brings updates regarding the gaming world. Anything happening to the gaming world can be found here.  You can check cool and interesting gaming memes here too. It brings the latest news and discussion about your favorite games.


  • It’s against piracy.
  • Don’t post without the original source.
  • If it’s spamming, you will be fined.
  • Don’t post for fundraising or monetization.
  • You can’t use bots.
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12. PhotoshopBattles

Are you an expert in using Photoshop? Let me introduce a platform where you can post your photoshop content. Let the world know about your talent. Participate in the battles and visit this subreddit to win the field. Make an impressive and exciting entry and post original content.


  • Use a subjective title.
  • Use “Request” to post Photoshop images.
  • Don’t include bad links, personal information or explicit content to the image.
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13. Instant Regret

Have you done something stupid or misguided? Share your experience with others on this subreddit. Let them know how much regret you feel for that stupid act. It enhances your decision-making skills besides providing you with fun and entertainment.


  • Video/GIF should be about regret.
  • Don’t share content with animal abuse.
  • Don’t compile from other’s videos.
  • It should not include general abuse.
  • Avoid reposting content from reddit.
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14. GIFs

This immensely popular subreddit brings lots of attractive and interesting GIFs for members. If you have an important memory, amazing incident or memorable happening, share it in GIFs. Let the world know about your interesting memories. It may be a new technology, natural disaster, breaking news or something else. Share and let the people know about it.


  • Don’t post obscene content.
  • Share clear and meaningful GIFs.
  • Don’t repost from Reddit.
  • Add direct image links.
  • Share a video not longer than 20 seconds.
  • Don’t share witch-hunting.
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15. Blunder Years

Have you got a terrible haircut or awkward braces? Shoot a picture and share it with the world. It’s strictly about your pictures. If you have gone through an awkward phase, share it with the world to shame or embarrass yourself. You can’t share pictures of other people. This subreddit accepts only photos of the user uploading it. If you are uploading a photo of any other person, the management will reject it. It will not allow embarrassing others on a social platform.


  • Post only your photo. Photos of other people aren’t acceptable.
  • The Blunder is acceptable only if it’s at least 3 years old.
  • Go through the “Ask Permission” process.
  • Don’t post personal information.
  • Report Blunder that disobeys rules.
  • The management can remove a blunder without notice.
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Can I create my Subreddit for free?
Yes, using Reddit doesn’t require subscription fees. You can create a subreddit without fees.
How much should I pay to share my post more and more?
You don’t need to pay anything to share something on a subreddit.
Can I use a subreddit for monetization?
No, it’s free for everyone. You can’t use it for monetization.
What should be the length of a video to share on subreddit?
It should be only 20 seconds long.