The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an immensely popular role-playing action game. It was developed by Bethesda Game Studios in 2011. The story revolves around a quest against a world-eater dragon Alduin. It destroys the world and you have a target to defeat it. All the action and events take place in Skyrim, a province of Tamriel.

Skyrim Mods

Currently, more than 28,000 Skyrim mods are available on the Steam Workshop. These mods have been categorized into different sections.

  • Graphics mods
  • Gameplay mods
  • Weapons & Armour mods
  • World mods
  • Quest mods
  • Funny mods

You can find unlimited Skyrim on Nexus. All of them work to transform the game theme and background to make it more enjoyable. Some make the game more photorealistic fantasy and others convert farmyard animals into lethal explosives. So, let’s have a look at the best 20 Skyrim mods that are the best in this context.

Best Skyrim Mods


SMIM Skyrim mod

This renowned mod improves the appearance of static 3D models in the game. It improves the furniture, landscaping, clutter, and architecture in the Skyrim.

Compatible mods are Ruins Clutter, Real Roads, Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Jewels of the Nord, Detailed Rugs, The Ruffled Feather, and SkyFalls & SkyMills.


2. Skyrim HD

Skyrim HD mod

This mod replaces more than 600 textures. You can change everything from the sky to the mountains. It has a lite version for less powerful PCs. You can download landscapes, cities, and dungeons in the lite version. It’s compatible with Green Grass for ENB, sCar’s Dramatic Lighting.


3. Dwermertech – Magic of the Dwarves

Dwemertech Skyrim mod

It falls into the category of quests and adventures. This mod brings revolutionary changes to the game. You get 14 bionic upgrades, 1-3 hours playtime and 42 unique spells to restore, destroy and alter. It brings several voiced characters for a stunning quest against the dragon.


4. Enhanced Lights and FX

Enhanced lights and FX Skyrim mod

In the immersion category, you will see this interesting mod. It brings more dramatic and realistic lights to the game. The mod was created by anamorphs. Enjoy impressive lights and a dramatic environment by applying this unusual mod.


5. Cloaks of Skyrim

Skyrim Cloaks mod

This mod brings more than 100 new cloak styles in the game. You can get them via crafting, leveled lists and static loot. These enchanting and attractive cloaks will make your appearance impressive.


6. Pure Waters

Pure Waters Skyrim mod

This impressive Skyrim mode brings transparency into the sea-water and river-water. To satisfy your aesthetic sense, you can use it in Skyrim. It transforms visuals of water reservoirs into more attractive ones.


7. Immersive Patrols

Immersive Patrols Skrim mod

Immersive Patrols bring a wide range of Thalmor, Stormcloak, Imperial and Dawnguard patrols for the players. These patrols create new encounters and sudden aid. It also brings some unexpected civil war battles and some basic combats.


8. Better Females

Better Females Skyrim mod

If you don’t like the texture and appearance of a female in Skyrim, use it. This mod changes the texture of a female instantly. It gives a new look to her by changing the shape of her lips, eyes, eyebrows, and cheekbone. You can also add some makeup if you like.


9. Skyrim Immersive Creatures

Skyrim Immersive Creatures Skyrim mod

It introduces a number of dangerous creatures in the game to give you a more thrilling gaming experience. You will enjoy the diversity it brings in the game by adding a variety of brand-new creatures. All these creatures are perfectly fit to the world of Skyrim.


10. Wet and Cold

Wet and Cold Skyrim mod

This cool mod of Skyrim adds more weather effects to the game. It brings the cold weather effects in the game. So, you will play the game according to the weather effects you are applying to. It may affect your weapons too.


11. The Dance of Death – A Killmove mod

The dance of death Skyrim mod

This user-friendly mode adds a greater degree of control on the killmoves. Now, you can kill your enemies in a more realistic way. You will miss no fire while using it.


12. Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival

Frostfall skyrim mod

Add chilled weather to the game to enjoy a more thrilling gameplay. This survival-style mod adds more hurdles to your way to survive and brings more difficult weather situations. Enjoy using frosty weather conditions in Skyrim and try to survive in extreme weather.


13. Wearable Lanterns

Wearable Lanterns skyrim mod

Now, you don’t need to travel in darkness. In various places in Skyrim, you need light. Carry these wearable lanterns by using this mod and enjoy moving ahead. It brings more comfortable traveling for you. You can create your own paper lanterns by using the “create item” option.


14. Skyrim – Enhanced Camera

Skyrim - Enhanced Camera skyrim mod

This unique mod adds a more visible camera. You can switch from 1st person to 3rd person while traveling, fighting combats and crafting, etc.


15. Helgen Reborn

Helgen Reborn Skyrim mod

Helgen Reborn adds voiced adventure to the game. It brings more than 20 superb voice actors to create more fun for you. You help rebuild the town that was destroyed in the battle. This voiced adventure makes your traveling more ambitious.


16. Realistic Needs and Diseases

Realistic Needs and Diseases Skyrim mod

This mod brings the realistic needs and diseases in the game. It makes the game more original and realistic. The mod adds a clean cooking menu, wells for healthier water, markets to buy vegetables, spring water bottles, milk, and many other food items. The ad also brings original diseases to make the game more realistic. Time to time you feel sneezing, yawning, sleep disorder, headache, and other syndromes. It’s compatible with vampire, werewolves, and cannibalism.


17. Open Cities Skyrim

Open Cities Skyrim mod

This useful mod transforms five big cities into the Tamriel world. Now, you can ride your horse and move through town. Seek help from guards while fighting a quest. It includes Markarth, Whiterun, Windhel, Riften, and Windhelm OB Gate.


18. Expanded Towns and Cities

Expanded Towns and Cities Skyrim mod

This mod extends the existing towns and cities. Currently, it extends Winterhold, Stonehills, Shores Stone, Darkwater Crossing, Ivarstead, Rorikstead, and Karthwasten. It also extends some villages for a more enjoyable gaming experience.


19. Deadly Dragons

deadly dragons skyrim mod

This mod adds deadly dragons to the game. Be ready to fight against Volcanic, arctic, logo, forest, spectral, nether, blackwig and many other dragons. You can customize their health and damage variability. All these dragons are compatible with Skyrim.


20. Skyrim 2018 Textures

Skyrim 2018 Texture

Do you want to add cubemaps to metallic objects of Skyrims? Use this amazing mod and enjoy the game in your way. It retextures the game. This mod works the best with Static mesh improvement mod and High poly project mod.