Often, a picture inspires you and you want to know in-depth about it. You can’t get information about it if it doesn’t contain the name of the place or a few hints. A reverse image search engine is greatly helpful in such a chaotic situation. You can use it to search by image for more details about the image. It’s very easy to use. Simply, add the image into the reverse image search engine and hit “Enter” to get information. That’s it.

A reverse image search engine doesn’t search by words. It searches by images. Some search engines fetch all similar images with available details. The majority of users are still unaware of this handy service. A variety of reverse image search engines are available online. You can use them for Android too. But, there are some reverse image search engine apps you can use for Android and iOS devices. Check here the complete details of these apps and online search engines.

1. Google Images

Google Images reverse image search engine

Type: Online Search Engine

Supports: Windows, Android, iOS Devices

Google search engine also has a very unique feature that is search by image. You can use it for quick information regarding an image. Upload the image to it and hit “Search.” It will fetch the results quickly. You can choose a file from your PC, phone or from an online source. Paste the link of the image in the search bar and click “Search” to find results. The powerful search engine identifies the color, shape, resolution, and size of the image and fetches similar results.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest Reverse image search engine

Type: Search Engine

Supports: Windows, Android, iOS Devices

Pinterest is another popular reverse image search engine. It’s simple and easy-to-use. Upload an image to find similar images. It has a faster search engine to fetch the accurate results quickly. Pinterest supports Windows, iOS devices and Android phones. You can use it once you get registered on it. Use your Gmail/Facebook login details to signup. Pinterest is free to use.

3. Bing Images

Bing Images Reverse image search engine

Type: Search Engine

Supports: Windows, Android, iOS Devices

The authenticity of this search engine is above board because it has been designed by Microsoft. Bing Images is a trustworthy and fast reverse image search engine. But comparing it with Google, we find it a bit slower. It’s a free search engine that supports cross platforms like Windows, iOS devices and Android OS. You can search for your desired image within a few seconds. Upload the image or paste it’s linked to the search bar and hit “Search.” It will show you the relevant images and information instantly.

4. TinEye Reverse Image Search


Type: Search Engine

Supports: Windows, Android, iOS Devices

TinEye is not much popular in the public, but it’s a very powerful reverse image search engine. The tool comes in free and premium versions. The free version allows you to search up to 150 images in one week. If you search images frequently, go for a premium version. It starts from $200 and allows you to search up to 5000 images in two years. After it, you have to renew the membership. It has a multicolor engine that fetches an image by using the colors. When you upload an image to TinEye, it searches your desired image from Flickr. The information is authentic and accurate fetched by TinEye.

5. Google Lens

Google Lens reverse image search engine

Type: App

Supports: Android Devices

For Android phones, no reverse image search engine can surpass Google Lens. It’s an amazing application for Android users. You can download it from the Google Play Store without paying any fee. You can use it straightforwardly because it doesn’t require signup. You can search not only images but also books, different products, and text, etc. It also has a built-in code-scanner to scan codes on different products. You can use this amazing app only on high-end smartphones.

6. Search By Image

Search by Image for Android Users

Type: Android App

Supports: Android phone

It’s an immensely popular app for Android users. You can’t use it online. Download it to your Smartphone to search for an image. It supports multiple search engines and fetches authentic data regarding your desired image. The app doesn’t contain ads. It supports only Android phones. The app is free to use. Searching an image is very simple. Upload an image and tap “Search.” If you have seen an image on an online site, add its link to the search bar and tap “Search.”

7. Google Photos

Google Photos for iphone

Type: App

Supports: iOS Devices

Reverse Image search engine apps are also available for iOS devices. Google Photos is one of them. It’s available for free for iOS users. You can download it from iTunes. The app is very simple and very responsive to fetch your desired data regarding an image. It brings authentic and relevant information. Google Photos uses Google Image Search. So, the app is trustworthy. It allows you to search by an image, text, product and many more.