If you want to keep yourself updated with what’s going on in the world, Reddit is the best platform. The users submit thousands of links on Reddit. These links come from authentic sources and bring interesting information about weird incidents around the globe. It’s a perfect option for you to kill boredom. Due to the interesting features and ease of use, millions of people love using Reddit regularly. But it has strict rules for users. They can’t post explicit content. The content shouldn’t be based on racism, killing, bloodshed, and torture. There shouldn’t be animal killing in it. Due to these rules, users love visiting it, again and again, to keep them updated. If you want to explore some more Reddit-like sites, here are some free platforms. These sites also bring entertainment to people. Check them below.

1. Quora

Quora for information

Quora is based on the same principles and brings authentic information to users. Mostly, visitors ask questions from other users and expert users reply to them. The authentic information shared by expert users has made it immensely popular among people. It’s a free platform where you can get information regarding any topic and interest. While signing up, you provide information about expertise in the given fields. The information helps Quora find a professional and expert user to answer relevant questions. So, you can join Quora as an expert too. If you want to post a question, check the relevant platform and replies of expert users on it. Quora allows you to use Gmail/Facebook login details for quick signup.


VOAT for information

It comes with a Reddit-like setup and user interface. While using VOAT, you will think like you are using Reddit. VOAT also comes with the same moral rules as Reddit. You can post images, comments and videos to amuse people. The content should be torture-free. It allows you to comment, like, unlike and repost any image or video. However, VOAT isn’t too strict for posting content. But there are some moral rules you follow while posting comments and content. You can’t post obscene images and videos. The categories on Reddit are known as subreddits. Similarly, the categories on VOAT are called subverses. If you are a regular visitor, you can create your own sub-verse for posting a particular type of content. It’s very simple to use as compare to Reddit.

3. 4Chan

4Chan, Reddit alternative

4Chan is an image-based online platform. You can share your favorite image in the relevant category. It contains hundreds of topics where you can post comments and images related to animation, music, photography, and videogames. It allows you to participate in a discussion without getting registered. Check the categories according to your interest and jump into the one to participate in the discussion.

4. Digg

Digg, Reddit alternative

It’s a very simple online platform that performs in the same way as Reddit. You can join it to participate in the discussion without paying a subscription fee. It brings the most recent content on the Home Page. Digg allows you to post images and videos that don’t cross the moral values. Once you post a comment, it doesn’t appear in the post immediately. The powerful filters scan it. If it’s immoral or useless, they reject it. So, a post that contains explicit, brutal or immoral content is rejected immediately. The diggers get warning if they post this kind of content again. People from all walks of life can join it according to their interests. It has lots of categories where you can find your favorite content. The platform is free for all. So, join Digg as a contributor or as a reader to kill boredom.

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon, Reddit alternative

StumbleUpon brings a wide range of topics for everyone. These topics are well-categorized like News, Entertainment, Technology and many more. You can explore these categories to read about your favorite topics. It’s regularly updated and every day, you get new stuff to read. That’s why; it’s an immensely popular online platform for people from all walks of life. The site is free to join and you can join as a reader or as a contributor. Like Reddit, it also follows moral rules. You can’t post content that’s against racism or that gives air to hatred.

6. Slashdot

Slashdot, Reddit alternative

Slashdot can be considered a perfect alternative to Reddit for technology lovers. It allows you to bookmark your favorite content. The information provided here is absolutely authentic because it’s fetched from authentic sources. You can join it as a reader and as a contributor. Slashdot brings a free signup facility for technology-lovers. Almost every time you open the site, you will find new content on it.

7. ProductHunt

ProductHunt, Reddit Alternative

ProductHunt is particularly for the fans of the latest technology, video games, and gadgets. If you love technology, it’s exclusively for you. This online platform brings the latest and authentic information regarding the latest technology in smartphones, video games, and gadgets. If you own a website, you can get information regarding the latest site designs and layouts. The ProductHunt also fetches the latest apps for you. Well-organized categories bring the latest stuff according to the taste of everyone. It’s a free platform where everyone can find something for themselves. The information is authentic because it comes from trustworthy sources. You can get information about your favorite games before purchasing them.