To make your Windows screen more attractive, add rainmeter skin to it. It gives a more stylish and innovative look to your desktop. You can customize it for an appealing look.

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a free utility for desktop customization. You can add lots of widgets and applets to rainmeter. All widgets/applets are called “skins.” Users love this app to create desktop clocks, audio players and weather widget, etc.

Best Rainmeter Skins

I have selected top 20 skins in this context. You can try many others according to the features.

1. Avengers-SHIELD

Avengers Shield rainmeter skin

This amazing widget brings a date, time in a very stylish way. It also brings shortcuts for shutdown, and log off. It also displays local temperature and weather conditions. The shortcuts for Chrome, Steam, Media Player, Avast, Dropbox and Skype are also an integral part of this skin. It’s undoubtedly the best skin for users who want to see all their important stuff in one place. It also brings shortcuts for Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures, My Computer and Games for users.


2. Enigma

enigma rainmeter skin

This beautiful skin brings an option for you to add calendar, clock and important notes. It also shows important processes like CPU, RAM, SWAP and battery power.


3. Speed

Speed rainmeter skin

This cool widget creates soothing and calming effects on the mind due to the contrast of white and sky-blue colours. It’s customizable. The widget displays date, time and calendar. It also offers a shortcut for media player, gallery, music, gmail and Bing. It brings CNN live news for you. On the bottom of the skin, you can see some important processes.


4. Tech-A

Tech-A rainmeter skin

It brings a wide range of features in mesmerizing visuals. It displays time, date, system folders like My Documents, Disk partition and other folders. Tech-A is versatile and displays horde information such as RAM and CPU usage and battery power, etc.


5. Darkness Falls

Darkness falls rainmeter skin

This classy and scenic brings lots of features in one place. It brings date, time, weather, shutdown, restart and log-off options. On the left side in the diagonal menu, you can see customizable shortcuts for Computer, Browsers, Multimedia, Games, Utilities and Stardock. Add your favourite stuff to them to open them with one click. It also brings Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Important processes, RainBrowser, Downloads and Favorites lie at the bottom. The screen covers with classy scenery to mesmerize you.


6. Frost

Frost rainmeter skin

This skin is, particularly for music lovers. The misty visual looks are classy and quite unique from other skins. It’s elegant. You can add playlists and music player to it.


7. Senja Suite

senja suite rainmeter skin

This rainmeter skin brings shortcut for a music player, time and date. It also displays shutdown, restart and log off choices. On the top of the skin, you will find computer, documents, media and search. If you are using Windows 10, Search works like your digital assistant Cortana.


8. Neon Space

Neon Space rainmeter skin

This sci-fi widget gives an amazing look to your desktop. It is highly customizable. It shows time, date, calendar, weather, processes and system info. It also brings Skype, MSN, Facebook and Twitter shortcuts.


9. ABP 1.2

ABP 1.2 rainmeter skin

This classy rainmeter skin brings all your important stuff in one place. It is available in black and white styles. You can see the shortcuts of Launcher, Notes, System and Apps in it. In little space, your To-Do list, Notes, Apps, important sites, Utilities, Processes and time and date are available. Add your favourite notes, apps, sites and utilities to it and save time.


10. Elegance 2

elegance rainmeter skin

Cover your desktop beautifully by using Elegance 2. It brings time, date and temperature. You can see information regarding processes like RAM, CPU, and uploading/download speed and music player. The colour combination is dusky and cool.


11. FirdausG-Desktop Newspaper

Newspaper rainmeter skin

This unique gadget gives your desktop an entirely different look like a real newspaper. It displays battery power, battery status, stock market and world news. It also displays RAM and hard disk drives’ status.


12. Eker-Lina

Eker Lina rainmeter skin

This highly customizable gadget brings a well-organized and neat outlook to your desktop. You will appreciate the number of facilities it brings to you. It displays time, weather, date and notepad for important notes. Next to the date and weather, you will see Google search. It also brings shortcut for Google News, applications, pictures, music, Itunes and System Monitoring. The uploading/downloading speed is also displayed at the bottom.


13. Razor

Razor rainmeter skin

This cool gadget brings all your important stuff in one place. You can open Pictures, Design, Movies and Music with one click. You can access Gmail, battery customization and Recycle Bin from here. It also brings the shortcuts for Tune-Up, Photoshop, Power Activator, Control Panel and important processes. In short, your office, web, utilities, media and system are only one-click away from you.


14. Night and Light

Night and Light rainmeter skin

If you love colors and artistic scenes, this skin is for you. The mesmerizing scene with lots of cool colors presents all your stuff in the upper and lower layers. It brings time, date and calendar in an artistic way. The RAM and CPU processes are also shown. You can customize social networking apps like Facebook, Flicker, Google+ and multimedia sites like Google. You can set alarm and alert for an event too.


15. Windows 2019

windows 2019 rainmeter skin

A novel and unique black & white background make it more attractive. It displays To-Do, date, time, and weather for a week, processes, multimedia, music and calendar. You can customize the settings for apps, browser and sites. It also brings shortcut for BBC News, Ars Technica, Lifehacker, Gmail, Google Drive, Battery life, WiFi connectivity and Slashdot.


16. Obsidian

Obsidian rainmeter skin

The beautifully tiled icons are highly customizable. You can add all your favourite media files in the Music and Multimedia categories. It displays Gmail, Weather, Recycle Bin, Camera, Upload, Calendar and Processes in two different styles. You can show them in the sidebar or in the home screen. It also brings Network, games, Google Drive and news alerts. Enjoy opening your favourite stuff with a click.


17. ISSInfo

ISSInfo rainmeter skin

Do you love galaxies and stars? If yes, it’s for you for sure.  It brings the ISS position latitude and altitude. You can customize the features to add your Email, Browser, Sites, and social networking sites. It displays time, calendar, date and weather. However, it’s available in only French language.


18. Hero

Hero rainmeter skin

This unique and very useful rainmeter skin brings all your important stuff in one place. You can add your stuff to PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access, Note, Yahoo, Converse, Mail and iPhone. Open device information and system resources with one click. Besides, you can see time, date, Photo and weather on top of the widget.


19. Orange Glow

Orange Glow rainmeter skin

Orange Glow brings all-important apps and tools in one place. You are only one click away from Network, Disks, System, Feeds and Notes. Customize Photo, Media, Browse, Utilities and Games categories. It displays time, date and weather on top in a very beautiful background.


20. Mass Effect

Mass Effect rainmeter skin

It’s one of the most popular rainmeter skins. It displays System Utilities, Games, MMORPGs, Steam, Origin Games and notepad. It also brings weather, processes, time, date and temperature.



Is rainmeter safe?
Yes, it is safe if you have downloaded it from the official site.
Where I can found the installed skins of rainmeter?
If you have installed rainmeter to a particular drive, check the skins in the installation folder of rainmeter.
How to install rainmeter skin downloaded from the internet.
If the skin format is .rmskin, double-click to it and select “Install.” If it is in a zip file, unzip the skin and double-click to it to install.
How many skins can be applied to rainmeter at one time?
You can apply unlimited skins to rainmeter at one time.