The world has become a truly global village. You can find anything and even anyone within a few minutes. Sometimes, you recall your best friend who met you years ago and lives in New York. If you know his name and location, you can find him quickly. Use a quick “People Search Engine” to find your desired people instantly. These search engines are sometimes country-specific and mostly region-specific. Make sure that you are using the right “People Search Engine.”

1. [UK] best people finder

It’s a UK-based people finder. You can search your desired person among 750 million people listed on It allows you to search them by using the full name, address, and address. The browsing is very easy and simple. Type a name in the browser and add his city in “Location” and hit “Search.” See the results and get your desired person on the list. It works only for UK-based people. You can’t use it for the rest of the world.

The Advanced People Search in brings a more refined search for users. If you want to find a person in the UK, add his full name and city in the browser and get accurate results.

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2. Whitepages [USA]

WhitePages people finder

WhitePages allows you to find a person, a particular address, a phone number and to get a background check.  It’s a kind of telephone directory that provides you with address, phone number and other relevant information of a person. You can also use it to screen a tenant and to find a business. It’s a free service to find people in the USA. This people-finder works faster. Enter your desired person’s name and his city, state or zip and press Enter. Within a few seconds, it shows relevant results. It’s a free service and doesn’t require to fill a form or signup to find people.

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3. ZabaSearch [USA]

Zaba Search

This people-finder shows the telephone number and address of the relevant person. It doesn’t require a subscription. You can use it directly to find people in 50 states of America. You can get accurate results by adding a full name and location of any person to it. You can use it to search by Name and by phone number. But the search is strictly for the USA only.

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4. TruePeopleSearch [USA]

TruePeopleSearch people finder

TruePeopleSearch contains records of billions of people. You can get an address, email address, phone number, relatives and other information. Your search remains absolutely private here. You don’t need to create a signup to avail of the service. It’s free and doesn’t save your data. The site uses SSL encryption to make the people finder services safe and private.

It’s easy to use. Just put a name and his city, state or zip to the browser and hit Enter to search him. It will show you the relevant results within a few seconds.

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5. TruthFinder

TruthFinder people finder

Find your friends and relatives among billions. All you need to enter is first name, last name, city, and state to find someone. You can create a signup if you want to use it frequently. You can use it to get criminal records, photos, social media, contact information, civil judgment and much more.

You can also use this TruthFinder to check whether your information is sold on the dark web? It has a Dark Web Scan feature. Type your email address here to know whether it is safe from the dark web or not?

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6. BeenVerified

BeenVerified people finder

It’s another best online people finder service. You can use it to find the address of your desired people within a few seconds. Just enter first name, last name, city, and state to the search engine and get desired results. You can use BeenVerified to get arrest records, bankruptcies, photos, email address and phone number of a person. It also reveals traffic tickets, social profiles, home addresses, relatives information and much more.

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7. Find Person Germany [Germany]

Find Person Germany people finder

If you want to look for an old friend living in Germany, use this people finder service for free. It’s available in English and Deutsch languages. You need to add the first name, last name, and city to the search box to find his address, phone number, photo, and other details.

The service is not free. You will pay 39,80 € for database searches and investigations. You can pay it via PayPal or credit card.

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8. Canadian People finder

This amazing service is purely for the Canadian community. If you want to search for a friend or relative living in Canada, use 411 people finder. It’s a free service to find an individual among millions of people. First, specify your search by selecting “Business” or “Person.” Now, add your desired name to the search box. Make sure that you add first and last names to get accurate results. This people-finder doesn’t require a signup or subscription fees. Use it free of cost and enjoy searching address, photo, email address and other details of any person. This straightforward service doesn’t save your IP and other information. So, you are safe while using it.

If you want other people to find you easily, add your data here with a recent photograph. Select “Add your business” category and add the required information.

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9. Canada411


It’s a free service that accesses data from Canadian citizens. It’s a kind of telephone directory. You can use it to find information regarding a person or a business. If you want to find a person, type his name and city/state in the search box and hit “Search.” To find a business, type the business name and city/state name in the relevant box to get the accurate results. If you want to search by phone number, type the phone number and press “Enter.” It’s a free service. You don’t need to signup to use it. The site doesn’t save your IP address.

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10. Pipl

Pipl People and Business Browser

This online people finder can access more than 3 billion identities to investigate sources, contact details and to validate transactions. Create a free signup here to search for more accurate results. Pipl is not only a people finder but also a business finder. Enjoy using it to get profiles from social networks, photos, email addresses, and other details.

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11. KnightFrank

KnightFrank people finder

KnightFrank is a quick search engine that works not only in the UAE, but also in other countries of the world. You can search for a person, property, services, and businesses by using this browser. It finds your desired person by name and phone number. It’s a free people finder that fetches accurate data instantly. You can search for a person living in the UAE by entering his full name.

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12. Find People Search

Find People Search people-finder

This people-finder is for the USA. You can search for an individual by using his full name, age, and state. If you know some other details, use them too to find an accurate person. The search engine brings accurate results including email address, postal address, phone number, photo, and other details. You can use it to track criminal records of a person.

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13. Australia Public Records

Australia Public Records People-finder

This people-finder gives you access to the public records for Australian people. It brings accurate results if you know the full name of the individual and his territory. When you open the site, it shows you a map. Click on the territory where your desired person lives. Select the link where you can find his records in that territory. It’s a free service and doesn’t track your IP address. You don’t need to subscribe to find someone.

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14. PeopleLooker [For Android]

People Looker People-finder app

PeopleLooker is not an online site. It’s an app available on the Google Play Store. You can download it to find people’s records. It displays Postal address, age, phone number, email address, and other important details of an individual. It also shows criminal and traffic records, photos, education of your relevant person. The app allows you to search for a person by his name and phone number. This universal app brings billions of public records. If you know the full name and city/territory of a person, it fetches accurate results for you. The app is free to download.


15. People Finder App [For Android]

people finder app for Android Users

This app brings public records from all over the world. You can find a person from various regions of the world. It’s easy to use and easily affordable. You can use it to track a person’s background, criminal records, and traffic records. It shows email ID, photo, postal address and other details of a person. The app has a responsive customer support.



Is it safe to use a people finder?
Of course, the above-discussed people browsers are trustworthy.
Can I use people-finder to find businesses in Canada?
Yes, you can use it to find businesses in a particular city/territory.
Is there any people browser for India?
Yes, Indian People Directory and Indian Finders are the best people browsers for India.
Can I use the above people-finders for France?
No, you can use France people Search for this purpose.