Harvest Moon is a renowned SNES farming game. This simulation game has various sequels and players love all of them due to the addictive theme and story. Harvest Moon brings different challenges in farming and cultivation. Some people want to play Harvest Moon type farming games again and again. Here are the best choices for them in this context. I have brought the top 14 best games like Harvest Moon. Check the list and download them to face new challenges.

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley farming game

The game brings the same Harvest Moon-like excitement and challenges for players. When you start the game, you get an old farm plot in inheritance from your grandfather. The farm plot is located in Stardew Valley. You have some useful tools and a few coins in the pocket to begin farming. Set a goal to start a new life and face difficult and interesting challenges in the game. Grow seasonal crops, vegetables, and fruits and sell them into the market to get virtual money. Spend your money on buying advanced farming tools.

There are 12 townsfolk to date. Get your favorite person and enjoy starting a new life with him. Explore the mysterious caves in the valley and get the valuable treasure. The game brings hundreds of new characters. You can customize all of them. You can also purchase home décor items to decorate your lodging. Enjoy being a part of the local community. Raise animals, go for fishing and craft different items.


2. Voodoo Garden

voodoo garden farming game

Voodoo Garden is very close to the Harvest Moon. The game brings you to the Voodoo Garden. You owe a little hut here. You grow plants, shrubs, herbs, and trees to get fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables. Harvest crops and catch wild swamp animals to complete the challenges. You aren’t alone in the game. Little pets give you company. You feed them and raise them.

Little spirits roaming here help you to earn power and gold. They produce voodoo supplies and you proceed to become richer and more powerful. Slaughtering some animals can please these little spirits and they will bring more wealth to you.


3. World’s Dawn

World's Dawn Farming Game

The game brings a colorful life in a marvelous seaside village. Harvest crops in Sugar Blossom Village and grow livestock. You can customize the farmhouse in your desired way. It brings different farming, fishing, cooking and mining festivals. Compete in them and show your talent. It has catchy graphics and a wide range of quirky characters. You can meet and make friends with them to kill boredom from your life. The game brings more than thirty hours of gameplay.


4. Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory farming game

This role-playing game brings farming, exploring and relationship experience for you. Cultivate crops, grow vegetables and fruits in and out seasons. Be a rich fellow by selling them in the local market. Explore dungeons to get the treasure. Crafting is the main feature of this game. You craft everything from shoes to weapons and start forming new equipment. The town has hundreds of characters. Meet them and enjoy making new relationships with them. Start a new life by making marriage with a suitable person. The story is based on your actions. It brings addictive challenges for players.


5. RimWorld

RimWorld Farming game

The game is very similar to the Harvest Moon because it also brings farming and cultivation theme. This sci-fi game brings the story of three survivors from a crashed spaceship. They build a colony to survive in the world. You have to manage the colony, their human needs, illness, eatables, and everything. Cultivate crops, fruits, and vegetables and construct buildings. Produce weapons from wood, stone, and metals to fight against enemies. Some new challenges are the pests and giant insects that are ruining your crops. Finish them to grow healthier crops. Make new relationships with new people.


6. Shepherd’s Crossing

Farming Simulation game shepherd's Crossing

It is a blend of farming and making relationships. The game brings a marvelous locality far from urban life. Throw seeds randomly to grow anything wherever you want to grow plants. The trading system is well-organized in the game. You use the barter trade system to get your desired things like cloth, shoes, and medicine and home décor items. The game consists of different hunting missions where you use your pet dogs for hunting. You got these dogs through barter trade. Get anything through trade and enjoy cultivating new items in season and out the season.


7. Farm Up

Farm Up Farming Game

The game is all about the plantation. Farm Up is the best classic farming game with the latest cultivation methods. Meet young Jennifer and help her to maintain a small farm. You have to help her growing different plants. Take care of her poultry and cattle. Harvest the seasonal fruits and vegetables to make more and more profit. The game brings local farming quests. Help Jennifer’s husband and grandparents to grow a farming business. Earn profit for you and for your friend Jennifer. Build factories to produce canned food items and textiles. Make your country’s economy prosperous.


8. Wild West: New Frontier

Wild West Farming Game

The game is all about farming. It’s an amazing adventure in the world of cultivation. When the game starts, you take hold of a small plot of land. Build a thriving farm to make everyone envious. Produce a variety of goods highly-demanded in the West. Grow more crops and vegetables. Maintain the garden and make it more beautiful by cutting weeds and dead patches of grass. Grow coffee, cocoa, and hazelnut trees and become a richer businessman. You can customize the farmhouse and home by using décor items.


9. Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure Game

Funky Bay farming game

This fun-filled game brings an opportunity for you to build your own town and to do farming there. Explore new lands and grow crops, vegetables, and fruits to become richer. Digging brings precious treasures. Rob treasure from pirates and enjoy the adventurous quests. Island Paradise is a place where you can take some moments of comfort. Breathtaking graphics and visuals make you mesmerized. Take part in quests and get bonuses and souvenirs. There are hundreds of local fun characters. Interact with them and enjoy making new friends.


10. Golden Farm: Idle Farming Game

golden farm best farming game

The game takes you to the downtown where you start a new life as a farmer. Create a paradise, grow fruits and plants and breed animals. Learn how to mine to get treasures under the earth. Produce dairy products and trade to earn money. Get richer and grow your business. Do farming and know in-depth about crop seeds and seasons. Decorate your home with different items available in-game store. Buy different tools for farming and replace the old traditional tools.


11. Farm Island: Hay Bay City Paradise

Farm Island Best farming game

This adventurous game is all about farming, hay, cocoa, and holiday pleasures. Go on vacation, make friendship with new people. Know about them and start a new life. Adorn your paradise by purchasing different home décor items. Grow fresh crops in your farms. Earn money and start a hotel business. Invite your friends as your guests. Tame powerful lions, leopards, bears and zebras and create your zoo by keeping them there. Make them your pet and invite people from all over the world to visit it. Build airport, steamboat and invite different visitors to your paradise. You are all in the game to decide what to build and what to avoid.


12. Farm Fantasy: Fantastic Day and Happy Magic Beasts

Best farming game farm fantasy

This casual game brings lots of thrilling moments for you. Farm Fantasy is also offered by Foranj, the developer of Farm Island. However, it’s a bit different from Farm Island. Here, the monsters like zombies, ghosts, vampires, spiders, and werewolves help you in farming. They bring your farm to the top. Do farming and cultivate different crops. Wizards and witches live in your neighboring island. Visit them and produce wands, spells, and potions.


13. Farm Story 2

Farm story best farming game

This farm game is free to download. It takes you to the world full of challenges about farming, cultivation, taming pets, and growing domestic animals, etc. The game brings a variety of farming tools and techniques. Learn them and be an expert farmer. You can improve your management skills by choosing your direction in the farming field. The game also brings a combo of mini-games. Plant different vegetables, fruits and crops and harvest them in the right season. If you don’t harvest in the right season, it can ruin your investment. Be wise and make the right decision on time.


14. My Free Farm 2

My Free Farm, best farming game

This fun game takes you far from the action, bloodshed, thrill, and shooting. Meet different people in the locality. Grow dozens of cash crops and take care of your sweet pets. Tame them and keep them with you as your helper. Produce different eatables and sell them to the nearby market to earn money. Be a successful businessman. Take part in great quests and win prizes. The game brings entertainment and pleasure for you.