Music refreshes the soul. Everyone loves listening to music. But most of the popular sites offer MP3 and MP4 music files against money. Moreover, you can’t download your favorite music from any site. It may contain harmful viruses. That’s why; I will recommend you to download your favorite songs only from a trusted site. Here, I am listing the top 10 best music sites offering a free download option. All of them are trustworthy sites. Select any of them and enjoy your favorite songs.

1. YouTube

YouTube music downloading site

YouTube needs no intro because it’s one of the largest platforms to download media files. Everybody loves using this immensely popular online platform to listen to his favorite songs. You can listen to the music in MP4 format online. You can also upload your favorite MP4 music files to share with others. This platform brings millions of songs from multiple languages. You can find here almost all the singers and songs.

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2. SoundClick

SoundClick music downloading site

It has a powerful “search” feature. You can search your desired songs, albums and singers to enjoy your favorite music. It allows you to play it online before you download any song. The downloading process is very simple and easy. Click a song and select the “Download” button before it. The site doesn’t charge you any subscription fee.

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3. Jamendo

Jamendo Music downloading site

Upload your favorite music files at Jamendo. Listen to your desired songs online and download them if you want so. It has a vast library and thousands of songs from different regions of the world. You can download/stream songs by selecting a genre. It’s a free site and you don’t need to pay subscription fees. It shows all the latest songs in the “Trending” category. Listen to the latest music and check the “Most Popular” category to enjoy the most downloaded songs.

Jamendo is regularly updated to provide you with the latest songs.

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4. AudioMack

AudioMack Music downloading site

Audiomack works like Soundcloud. It’s a free platform that brings unlimited music files from solo artists, tastemakers, fans, and singers. Audiomack has a powerful search feature. You can search any artist, song or album by using Search. All you need to create a free signup to use this platform.

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5. Amazon

Amazon Music downloading site

Amazon offers millions of free music files. You can upload and download your favorite songs. You can search by artist, song, and album. You can stream online or download it to your device. Create a free account and enjoy listening to your favorite songs. Amazon offers you an opportunity to share your creation with the rest of the world too. You can upload your favorite songs and videos here to share with other people. You get a chance to show your talent before the world.

Downloading a song is very easy. Create a free signup on Amazon. Select a song and click the “Download” option before the song title. “Search” is quicker to fetch more accurate results for song queries.

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MP3 Best music site

If you love old songs from 80s and 90s, it’s indeed the best online platform to stream them. Listen to the best songs from Elvis Presley. Enjoy your favorite albums from Michael Jackson and other famous artists. This site offers a huge collection of music albums and songs from all regions of the world. You can explore categories to enjoy streaming online. It also brings quick downloading option.

Another interesting thing about is that it brings a huge collection of the best and worst albums at the same time. So, you can find here almost all new and old songs.

You can share your talent with other people by using this immensely popular platform. It brings “Share” option for new artists to share their work with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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7. PureVolume

PureVolume music downloading site

This site brings unlimited songs in different categories. You can browse Entertainment, Music, and Pop Culture to listen the latest songs. Listen to your favorite music for unlimited hours without paying subscription fees. It also allows you to share desired songs on Facebook, Instagra, and Twitter.

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CCTrax music downloading site

CCTrax brings a refined categorized search. You can browse songs by genre, tag, label and artist. It is updated on a regular basis to bring the latest songs for users. You can browse categories like Recent, Electronica, DUB, DownTempo and many others to find your favorite music. It also brings the top albums of the week for users.

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9. ReverbNation

Reverbnation music downloading site

Join this online platform to download or upload your favorite music. It gives you two options: Join as Artist and Join as Fan. Select the one and enjoy listening to the latest music or upload your music to share with others. You have option to join it with Facebook or Google login details.

It brings millions of songs from various regions of the world. In suggested collections, you can listen to the latest songs. While creating a signup, you add your favorite singer in profile. You get alerts when there is any latest song/album by him. You can browse categories by songs, artists, albums and others.

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10. SoundCloud

SoundCloud music downloading site

You can access this largest platform of music files by using your Facebook or Google account. Create a free signup and browse your favorite songs. You can listen to your favorite songs online if you don’t want to download them. It has an online library where you can go through different categories like Playlists, Albums, Stations, History, and others. The library has a list of “Recently Played” songs. If you want to listen to a previously played song, the “Recently Played” category helps you.

You can upload your favorite songs to the library too. If you want to download it in an Android or iOS device, download its app from here.

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11. Last.FM

Last.FM music downloading site

Last.FM was initially created as an online radio station in 2002. But later, in 2005, it was transformed into an online music platform. It collects data from various music streaming online platforms and from different media players and creates individual categories. These categories fetch music according to the taste of every listener.

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12. Epitonic

Epitonic music downloading site

This site brings a huge collection of MP3 songs. It’s a legal site to download and stream online music. This music streaming platform brings categorized search to browse by artist, song, and album. You can explore the latest tracks by using the online audio-streaming. It doesn’t require a signup. Just open it and stream/download your desired songs.

The site offers a large variety of songs from European and American singers. However, you can’t find albums in regional languages from South Asia.

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13. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive Music downloading site

This site brings royalty-free music for online streaming and for downloading. It’s indeed the biggest online platform to get the royalty-free music. If you have a small budget, or you want to get a royalty-free music for your project, get it from FMA. The TimeLine shows the latest songs of artists. You can get free music for your videos.

It shows huge collection of music charts, curators and different genres. The site brings a wide range of music files for musicians. More than 20 categories here contain songs from all regions of the world. Even, you can find the music albums from Asian singers on this platform.

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14. Vimeo

Vimeo music downloading site

Vimeo brings a unique video streaming and downloading experience. You can share your desired videos with other users too. This online music streaming platform has more than 10,000,000 regular users. You can enjoy an ad-free video watching experience. It offers a wide range of MP4 music files against a price. However, if you want to download free songs, search songs with “Creative Commons” tag.

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15. Live Music Archive

Live Music Archive music loading site

This online platform offers a wide range of songs from the past 50 years and also from the latest albums. If you love listening to the old songs from Elvis Presley, Madonna, Michael Jackson and others, it’s the best site for you. You can browse by using artist name, date of release, rating and best reviewed. The site also has a big forum where members can share their creations too. If you are a music creator, try your luck at Live Music Archive. You can share your music projects here.

The site offers you to sort the music by using “views, title, date published and creator” for more convenience. It’s a free platform and requires no subscription fee or donation.

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16. PasteMagazine

Paste magazine music downloading sound

PasteMagazine brings a larger online platform to download/upload music files. You can find here the latest songs collection in MP3 and MP4 formats. It allows you to download unlimited music for free. All you require is to create a free signup here.

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Can I download MP3 songs without creating a signup?
No, you can’t. Create a signup free of cost and download your desired songs.
Where can I buy my favorite MP3 and MP4 songs?
You can buy from Apple iTunes Store, Beatport, and Amazon MP3 sites.
Are these online platforms safe to download songs?
Yes, these are safe platforms to download free music.
Is there any free music app to use on Android?
Yes, you can use TubeMate, 4Shared, KeepVid, SuperCloud and other music downloader apps for Android.
What are the best sites to download music for free?
SoundClick, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Audiomack and Amazon are vital names in this context.