An artist, illustrator or designer can show his abilities if he is using a full-fledged drawing tool. He can’t show his potential if the application he is using lacks drawing tools. Here, I have compiled a list of full-fledged free drawing applications. You can select any of them according to the features you require.

How to select the best Drawing App?

Currently, a variety of drawing apps are available online for illustrators and artists. You can select the best drawing app by using the tips given here.

Supported Platform

Check whether it supports the Operating System you are using. If you are using Windows or Mac, it should be compatible with it.

Basic & Advanced Drawing Tools

It should have all the basic and advanced drawing tools for professionals and beginners.

Built-in Effects

Make sure; it has a wide range of built-in effects to create digital images.

Easy to Use

If it’s a beginner’s app, it should be easier to use. Check whether it has a guide for beginners.


The drawing app should be integrated with other applications like Word, PowerPoint, and others.

Sharing Feature

It should have a “Share” feature to present your creation on social networking sites.

Color Management

It should contain the best color fidelity for digital and print media.

1. GIMP – Windows/Linux

GIMP for Drawing

This drawing software supports Windows and Linux. It brings tools for high-quality image manipulation. You can retouch, restore, edit and many other experiments with an image. You can edit images into unique creations by editing them in it. Users can create icons, illustrations, and graphical design elements by using it.

It supports C, C++, Perl, Python, Scheme and many other programming algorithms to create scripted image manipulation. This tool brings high-fidelity color management for digital and print media.


2. Adobe Illustrator Draw – Android/Windows

Adobe Illustrator Draw for Windows and Mac

This tool has all basic and exceptional drawing tools. You can customize the toolbar. It saves the work of creativity in Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. Save and retrieve it whenever you like. Access drawings from your desktop and edit them in Illustrator. Build 3D and 2D drawings by using a built-in graph and grids. It supports Apple Pencil, Wacom devices, Pixelpoint and Adobe Ink, etc.

You can use it not only in Windows but also in Android devices. Use it in mobile to draw free-form vector designs. While using it, you can launch Adobe Capture to create new shapes and bring them to the canvas.


3. Krita – Windows/Mac

Krita Drawing Tool for Windows

It’s a free drawing app for professionals and beginners. The app is perfect for concept art, texture/matte painters, illustrations and comics. It has all basic and advanced drawing tools for painting, digital art, illustrations, and vector drawing. You can use brush shapes and styles to create unique images. Edit your text and stylize it with stunning fonts.


4. Procreate – iOS Devices

procreate for drawing

This free drawing tool is for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. You can create stunning sketches, paintings, and inspiring illustrations. Apply new fonts, and layers to PDF, PNG, and GIF. The app brings seven unique blend modes. The app is easy to use for a newbie. Pick a brush and start working with multiple layers.

It brings around 130 handcrafted brushes to mix and blend different colors for sketching. It seems like you have used a physical pencil to sketch something.


5. Graphic for iPad – iOS Devices

Graphic for iOS Devices

This graphic design tool is perfect for beginners and professionals. It brings powerful illustration tools, drawing brushes and graphic design tools. All vector drawing tools are present for drawing points, curves, and lines. Shape tools allow you to create arcs, ellipses, polygons, and rectangles. You can stylize your text in PDF, Doc, and other files by using a Multi-style text box. The app contains editable brush strokes to draw and edit strokes anytime. You can customize gestures for editing graphics. Use a set of keyboard shortcuts to create lock shapes, groups and join paths, etc.


6. Affinity Designer

Affinity designer - Best designing app

This vector graphic design program is appropriate for professional designers and artists. You can create illustrations, icons, mockups, web graphics, designs, and concept arts, etc. The tool is helpful to create curves, play with dazzling colors and customize live shapes. It brings a variety of artistic texts to form headlines or frames, etc. You can create thinnest frames and designs by using zooming features and snapping options. You can zoom in more than 1000,000% for an in-depth view of the image. It has a versatile grid system to create precise objects.


7. ArtRage

ArtRage, Best drawing app

The latest version of ArtRage contains a complementary color system. It has a variety of custom brushes to create perfect images. You will love using the Oil Paint feature to give a new touch to your drawings. The smear & blend feature creates natural color gradients. You can sketch with perfect colors and pencil tips. A wide range of drawing tools, editing, and printing options give you a choice to create the perfect paintings. A variety of lines, traditional pencil techniques, and delicate watercolor strokes are easy to use in the latest version of the app.


8. Mybrushes – Sketch, Paint, Design [For Mac]

Mybrushes best drawing app

This app is available on iTunes for MacBooks. You can download it by paying $9.99 that’s one-time payment only. You can create, delete and re-order unlimited layers. A complete Paint Studio is a part of Mybrushes. It has an incredibly wide canvas for your drawings. You can zoom in to view every image deeply. It has a complete image editing studio for text input, import/export images, and instant image processing. The tool supports all major image formats.


9. Epic Pen

Best drawing app Epic Pen

This highly responsive application creates an overlay where you can draw images, write notes and even highlight important things. It brings the real-time drawing. You don’t need any subscription to download or to use this lightweight tool. It has an easy user interface. Even a newbie can use it properly. It has all drawing and image editing tools. You can move the toolbar from a vertical to a horizontal position. It’s easy to hide prepared notes in it.


10. Flame Painter

Flame Painter, Best drawing app

This award-winning painting tool gives a life-like to your creations. It has a variety of brushes. The Particle System brings a novel experience of drawing for you. It has a wide range of organic tools. You can create illustrations, graphics, images and calligraphy models in it. Flame Painter’s latest technology brings the latest drawing and editing tools to create a masterpiece in digital art.


11. ChemDoodle

ChemDoodle, Best drawing app

This drawing tool has been presented particularly for students. The science students don’t find any tool to draw chemistry diagrams. Here, you will find the tools to draw chemistry’s tables and diagrams with great ease. It’s perfect not only for professionals but also for a newbie who have dipped their toes in the world of drawing. It brings perfect image editing tools for chemistry students and professionals. You can create 3D graphics, customize them. You can use the BioArt feature to draw vector graphics skillfully.


12. MyPaint

MyPaint, best drawing app

It’s a free and open-source graphics editor and graphics painter tool. You can download it for Windows, OS X, and Unix-like OS. The tool works like Corel Painter. It has a dynamic brush library in different sizes to draw with perfection. You will find a complete Layer management system in the tool to create unique and attractive images. It has a simple user interface and even a newbie can use it with great ease.



What’s the best drawing software for Windows?
GIMP, Krita, and MediBang Paint are the best software for Windows. These are a beginner to moderate digital art tools.
What’s the most compatible drawing tool for PC?
GIMP is the best drawing tool for PC. It’s free and supports Windows and Mac. In features, it’s comparable to Photoshop.
What is the easiest drawing tool for beginners?
Beginners can try Sketchbook, Krita and MyPaint.
Is tablet good for drawing? If yes, recommend some best tablets.
Yes, Wacom Intuos Pro, Parblo Coast10 and Huion Inspiron are the best tablets for drawing.