Discord is a virtual platform the gamers use to communicate with one another while playing MMORPGs. They share the score and gameplay on Discord. They also consult with teammates for the next move while playing the game. If you are planning to run your own server on Discord, first create a login on it. The foremost thing in this context is to customize your server. Customization is a time-seeking task. Most of the people can’t get sufficient time for customization of their Discord servers.

In such situation adding a BOT to your server is a good option. It’s your digital assistant that works automatically to achieve the desired results. BOT is a tool that consists of pre-set instructions to manage a server. It enhances the functionality of your server. Here, I am listing the top five best BOTS you can use to your Discord server. Select the one that suits your server’s requirements and see how miraculously it works.

1. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Discord Bot

It’s a multipurpose bot for a Discord server. It’s completely customizable and very efficient. You can use it for various purposes like moderation of chat, kick, ban or appreciate member ranks. It can also conduct polls, generate sick memes giveaways and much more. The robust extension system of bot shows results from Wikipedia, YouTube, Reddit and Google.

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2. Dyno Bot

Dyno bot for discord

Dyno is very easy to use. It is used for auto-moderation with timed mutes, bans and Mod log. After the recent update, it can detect mass-mention/raid spam in community chats. The Cleverbot integration is efficient to post Overwatch stats and Google results. It is also efficient to play music from YouTube.

You can enable/disable and configure anything in the Bot. It quickly creates DJ roles, playlists and upgrades music files.

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3. MEE6

Mee Bot for Discord

The most striking feature of MEE6 is that it can create custom commands instantly. You can control the commands to generate new roles and to remove the old roles. If you want to send messages to DM or the current channel, MEE6 does it efficiently. It displays an automated Welcome message and displays rules and regulations before visitors. It also sends alerts to the players regarding the main topic and current events. MEE6 assigns the players their selected roles. It automatically updates the characters when the players cross a particular level.

MEE6 keeps your server away from harmful ads, spam and emojis that appear before players while they are busy in the game.

It fetches YouTube and Twitch alerts automatically for the members of your Discord server. When their favourite video is uploaded or published, MEE6 brings its updates for the members of your server.

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4. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki Discord bot

It performs moderation and displays a welcome message before new members. This capable Discord bot sends notifications and allows you to change the server’s settings. You can search the web without leaving the server. It keeps you updated with an RSS feed. You can create tons of commands to create and remove characters and much more. The incentive system pushes users to earn XP and Levels. You can customize your cards by using it.

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5. Zandercraft

Zandercraft bot for discord

It’s a multi-purpose bot to be used for automated chat, productivity, GIFs and much more. Zandercraft can stream XHD and Hi-Fi music. For music junkies, it’s the best tool for Discord servers.

It can create a playlist and fetches your favourite songs from YouTube and Soundcloud. It’s easy to use and to connect to the music channel permanently.

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Are Discord BOTS free?
Yes, they are free to use.
Can I use Discord BOTS for cross-platform?
Yes, they are efficient for cross-platform.
What are Discord BOTS?
Discord BOTS are automated software to maximize the productivity of your server. It is particularly useful to send and receive messages. It can manage and schedule events and can moderate conversations.
Is it illegal to use BOTS?
No, only Ticket BOTS are illegal in the US. Using BOTS to purchase tickets to popular events was banned on December 14, 2016, in the USA.
Are Discord BOTS safe to use?
Yes, they are safe to use. It’s only a tool of pre-set instructions. You manage it in your server.