Feeling boredom? Don’t want to visit Twitter/Instagram or Facebook? Well, there are plenty of sites to visit for time killing. You can visit them for fun when you feel boredom. These sites are from different genres according to the interest of people from every walk of life.

1. Futurism

Best cool site futurism

Do you love seeking knowledge? If yes, Futurism will be your first preference. It lets you know what is expected to happen in future days. Keep yourself updated with futuristic ideas and interesting things going to happen in future.

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2. Behind the Name

Behind the Name, Best cool site

It’s a very interesting site that provides you with the etymology and history of the first name. Check what’s hidden in your first name and also read its etymology. The site brings boys/girls names in various languages of the world. Check names of your loved ones and know what’s hidden behind them.

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3. Mental Floss

Best cool site mental floss

Have you ever experienced any weird or unusual thing? Read people’s experiences and know the facts happened with them. The site consists of weird facts from science, society and history. Check and enjoy your time.

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4. MyFridgeFood

Best cool site my fridge food

If you have some leftover foods or vegetables in your fridge, use this interesting site to know what to do with them. It brings novel and healthy recipes for you. Select the leftover food items from the given list and check mouthwatering recipes it shows. Enjoy your time in the art of creativity.

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5. This is My Website Now

Best cool site thisismywebsitenow

It’s a unique way to kill boredom. It shows some interesting and unusual games. Enjoy playing them and you will never know how fast the time has passed.

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6. Music Map

Best cool site Music Map


It brings a music map for you. Type a name of your favorite singer, musician or favorite band and find it on the music map. It lists out bands and singers with the help of the name you have provided them. Enjoy playing this interesting game.

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7. World TimeLaps

World Time Lapse, best cool site

The site brings before you the changes in the world in the previous three decades. It shows different patches of the world that have been changed now. This interesting site presents authentic information. Google presented this site in collaboration with Time magazine.

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8. Tickld

Best cool site tickld

Tickld brings the funniest and the quirkiest posts from people around the world. All of them are real posts and happened with people in real life. It has funny images, GIFs, funny puns, and interest stories.

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9. Hacker Typer

best cool site hacker typer

Show your friends like you are a hacker. When you type here something in simple alphabets, it shows some codes at the screen. This mind-blowing site takes you to the world of real fun. Baffle your friends by showing that you are a real hacker. Impress the world and enjoy.

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10. A Soft Murmur

Best cool site a soft murmur

It’s for people who have aesthetic sense and intense love for Nature. Enjoy different sounds uttering by natural objects. You will love listening to a soft murmur from air, rain, thunder, cricket, birds and many other natural objects. It gives you a soothing and calming feeling. Enjoy listening to the Nature.

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11. Find the Invisible Cow

Best cool site Find the Invisible Cow

It brings an interesting challenge for visitors. A cow is invisible. Find it by using mouse clicks here and there. Follow the sound direction and meet the challenge.

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12. Geo Guessr

Best cool site Geo Guessr

This interesting site brings a fascinating game for users. Google Street View takes you somewhere around the globe and you have to guess the area. If you guess successfully, it gives you more points. You can customize it to start a game from Europe or Asia. It’s a real fun. Try it and enjoy your time.

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13. Museum of Endangered Sounds

Best cool site Museum of endangered sounds

This cool website is particularly for mature people. It takes you back in the time when you were young. The museum of endangered sounds brings a dose of serious nostalgia for you. Enjoy it and visit the gone days virtually.

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14. The MOTH

Best cool site The Moth

The art of storytelling will always be popular. If you love telling your stories to people, The Moth is the best platform for it. It brings real-life stories of people around the world. You can listen to them and also tell your own story to others.

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15. Don’t Even Reply

Best cool site Don't Even Reply

People send emails to their loved ones and they get a response from them too. This site brings a collection of emails from visitors there remained unanswered. Read emails and enjoy your time.

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How do I find cool websites?
Search a site in Google according to your interests. Digg, Pinterest, 5000 Best, Reddit and many other names are some popular names in this context.
What to do online when you are bored?
Watch your favorite movie, funny clips, your favorite celebrities’ interviews and play online games to kill boredom.
What are the recommended activities for bored teens?
Make a music video, learn how to make pizza, play games, and make the best milkshake or ice cream.