Sometimes, you forget the lyrics of a melodious song and try to recall it. Unfortunately, you don’t remember its lyrics and you can’t search it online. Now, you can search the name of any song by using some apps. Thanks to “Find the Name of a song” apps that are greatly helpful to identify your desired songs. Here, I am listing the top 12 best apps you can use to guess the name of a song. You can use them by singing the tune of the song. Following they are.

1. Shazam

Shazam song finder

Shazam is the top-ranking app of the world and hundreds of millions of users have downloaded it. The app allows you to identify your desired song with one tap. You can preview your favorite songs and can add them to the Spotify playlist. You can use it in offline and online modes. It even identifies the music when not connected to WiFi. You can also check the upcoming music tracks in the “Upcoming” category.


2. SoundHound

Song finder soundhound

It’s a premium app and works in the same way as Shazam. It has millions of songs in a database and you can use it to identify a song. Shazam plays only the MP3 file of your desired song whereas; it plays video songs if it’s available. When you say OK Hound, the Search is active and you can sing a tune to find its lyrics. You can connect it to Spotify with a tap to download songs. Currently, it launched an online site for PC users. You don’t need to download it if you are using a Windows PC. It’s also available for iPhone and BlackBerry.


3. Musixmatch

MusixMatch best song finder

It allows you to find your desired song by humming. You can enjoy songs from Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Pandora, and many other streaming channels. The browsing service is more powerful in it. You can search a song by artist, title, and lyrics. If you know only a few words from the song’s lyrics, you can search it. You can easily identify a song in various languages. The app allows you to play, pause, and skip a track from the lock screen. It notifies you instantly regarding the latest songs.


4. Kpop Lyrics Offline

Kpop Lyrics song finder

This Korean app brings all Korean songs for you offline. You can hum a Korean song to get the lyrics at once. The app streams music from English and Asian artists too. You can use this easy and free app in Offline and Online modes. If you want to translate the lyrics in English, tap “Romanize” and see them in English. You will find the music files categorized in different sections like Jazz, Hip Hop, R & B, Reggae, Rock, Pop, and Classical, etc.


5. Genius

Genius song finder

The app can find your favorite song from a database of 1.7 million songs. When you hum a song, it quickly fetches accurate results. You can get the verified facts from the artist and producers for any track. The app is available for Android and iPhone. You can download your favorite songs from various music channels too. The app is free to download and to use.


6. QuickLyrics

QuickLyrics Best song name finder

If you want to find the lyrics of an Asian/English song, this is the best app for it. You can find the accurate lyrics by humming before it. The app works with and without WiFi. It’s indeed the fastest lyrics finder. The app is free and comes with a top-notch support. It supports Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and other music streaming services. You can download your favorite songs in all genres from these music channels.


7. LyricsMania

LyricsMania best song finder

With this app, you keep millions of songs and lyrics in your pocket. It has a powerful search. You can identify a song by humming in it. It fetches quick results for your search. You can also use it as a music player to get songs from Spotify, Google Play and many other music streaming platforms. You can use the app in online and offline modes. To switch on the Offline Mode, go to the Settings of LyricsMania and activate “Offline Mode.” If a song is played nearby you and you can’t identify its name, tap “MusicID” and identify it quickly.


8. MusicID

MusicID song finder

The app is free to identify music around you. Check the latest music albums by your favorite artists and bands. Add Note feature allows you to add a note with every song to remember where and why you added this song to your playlist. It displays similar songs from your favorite singer. It also brings detailed information about a particular singer/artist. You can explore the biographical data regarding the artists with one tap.


9. ReverbNation Discover

ReverbNation song finder

This app brings ad-free lyric-finding services. The easy and simple user interface attracts everyone. It requires no signup. You can skip a song for unlimited times. With one tap, you can identify your favorite song’s lyrics. It also allows you to share the identified song with friends by using social platforms and email. You can also create your favorite playlist.


10. Music Recognition

Music Recognition best music finder

Beatfind presents the Music Recognition app to identify a song from millions of songs. You can identify a track by humming. It is powered by ACRCloud and the app fetches the accurate results within a few seconds. You listen to a previewed song to make sure you have fetched the right song. It supports Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube. The visualize of this app is just hypnotic.


11. Soly

Soly Music Finder

The app is available in different languages. You can use it as a simple lyrics finder and as a lyrics downloader too. It has a built-in player to stream your favorite music. You can identify a song within a few seconds. It also allows you to share a full song or some lyrics from it with your friends. The app has a modern design and super fast to browse/stream music.


12. Automatic Lyrics Finder

Automatic Lyrics Finder

Just hum a song and find its lyrics within a few seconds by using Automatic Lyrics. It doesn’t require the name of the artist to identify the song. This free app brings signup-free features for users. For any track, it analyzes the name of the song and its artist name. The user interface is catchier and easier. You can customize the layouts and functions in your way.