Everyone loves listening to the music. While hiking, cycling, reading or traveling, you can’t go on without listening to music. The problem is that some data package users want to listen to free music offline. They can’t afford to listen to music online using data all the time. So, here, I am going to introduce the top 12 apps to listen to music offline anywhere anytime.

Best Offline Music Apps

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud App for Offline Music

It’s the largest platform and more than 175 million users are using it to listen to music online and for free. You can download the app to listen to music offline. The app is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows. SoundCloud has a powerful search, where you can browse your favorite songs and albums.


2. Deezer Music Player

Deezer for Offline Music

It brings more than 56 million tracks and playlists. It’s your true music companion. You can listen to music in both online and offline modes. It’s a free app but you watch no ads while using it. You can listen to millions of playlists. You can also create your own playlists too. Share your favorite songs with your friends by using the “Share” option. It also brings lots of radio stations and podcasts. The app is available in the English language.


3. Pandora

Pandora for offline music

The app lets you personalize the music listening experience. You can evolve your taste continuously. It lets you create your favorite music station by using your desired list of songs, artists and genres. The powerful search brings music stations according to your taste and mood. You can listen to music online and offline. It also brings updates regarding the upcoming music stations/albums. You can play, pause, skip a song, and adjust volume and much more by using voice command.


4. Spotify

Spotify for offline music

Spotify lets you discover millions of music albums and podcasts. You can listen to the playlists created by others and also create your favorite playlists. Search your desired songs, albums, and singers. You can find music according to different genres. It’s compatible with Chromecast, TV, tablet, Android phone and even with desktop. You can download it free for Android phone or Windows PC. The app is available on Google Play store without any geographical restriction. Download and enjoy listening to music offline.


5. Google Play Music

Google Play Music for Android

The app is developed by Google. This trustworthy app brings ads-free radio and music channels. You can listen to music free of cost. Around 35 million song-tracks and playlists are waiting for you in different genres. You can select a song according to your mood. Browse through millions of albums and thousands of artists around the world. It also brings premium music play service for all your family members in the Family Plan service. You can use the app for Android, iOS and Windows PC.


6. The Groove Music

The Groove Music for Android

The app brings European, Asian, African and other continental music playlists for you. You can listen to playlists and podcasts created by other people. It also lets you create free playlists by using your favorite songs. It’s easy to use due to a simple user interface. You can search for any song quickly by using its powerful search. It’s a free app and you don’t need to pay any subscription fees. The app also gives you access to hundreds of radio channels throughout the world. You can select songs from different genres by using the app.


7. Go Music

Go Music for Android

The app allows you to listen to more than 50 million songs from all over the world. It brings different genres, playlists, and podcasts from all over the world. You can stream music online or offline anywhere anytime. It lets you download music except for YouTube videos. The app allows you to stream MP3 and MP4 formats. Search your desired songs by using artist, album, playlist, and MV. It includes powerful equalizers like Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Folk, and many others. You can adjust visualization and light effects. It also allows you to set a music alarm. The app provides you with a music locker to keep your favorite songs far from unauthorized access.


8. Apple Music

Apple Music app for Android

It’s an official app by Apple Inc. This trustworthy app brings millions of music tracks in MP3 and MP4 formats. You can browse through millions of songs to create your own playlists and podcasts. You can create playlists by using your desired songs. Listen to mixes Apple Music in different genres. It brings around 50 million playlists and songs. Share your favorite songs with friends. You can watch documentaries, concerts and TV shows by using this app. The app features vary by country.


9. Napster

Napster app for offline music

Napster was once known as Rhapsody. It’s one of the best music streaming apps. You can listen to music online and offline by using Napster. It brings more than 40 million songs from various parts of the world. The user interface is friendly and simple. The app has even a better Search feature than Spotify. It’s a premium app and you can try it for free to a specific time. To activate Offline Mode, go to the Settings in Napster and select “Offline Mode.”


10. Gaana Music – for Asian Songs

Gaana Music App

Gaana is your one-stop music listening app with all regional songs and radio channels. You can listen to your favorite Bollywood, Tamil, English, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Rajasthani and other regional songs. The latest and upcoming categories of the app keep you updated with the upcoming songs. You can explore music according to your mood by using “Browse.” The app gives you access to more than 30 million songs in MP3 format. You enjoy high-quality music streaming experience in it.


11. LiveXLive by Slacker

Slacker Radio

This app is powered by Slacker Inc. It brings more than 30 million songs in MP3 and MP4 formats. The app brings free access to the music and events like concerts and music shows, etc. You can create your own playlists by using your favorite songs. It brings the latest news and sports from all over the world. You can explore through the currently created playlists and podcasts by other users too. It lets you share your favorite songs with friends. You can easily collect music files from different genres.


12. Amazon Music

Amazon Music for offline Music Listening

Amazon Music gives you access to more than 50 million songs from different regions of the world. You can enjoy an ad-free music listening experience. It allows you to listen to music online and offline. You can skip a song if you don’t want to listen to it. The app brings the Latest songs in the “Latest New Releases” category. It’s a paid app, but it offers you a 30-Day free trial. You listen to songs in Ultra HD with up to 10x the bitrate. Create your own playlists and podcasts by using your favorite songs.



Can I listen to music offline for free by using the above apps?
Some of them are free, but some are paid apps. Check the list and select a free app if you want to listen to music offline for free.
What’s the best app offline music app for iPhone?
Pandora Radio and Google Play Music for iPhone are the best apps in this context.
Can I use any music app on Windows PC to listen to offline music for free?
Yes, you can get Gaana, Spotify, Groove Music, and Slacker Radio for Windows PC to listen to offline music for free.